The Word Press Tool that Will Help Your SEO


Are you struggling with on-site SEO? Many small business owners do. Keyword optimization doesn’t just happen in the text of a blog post or web page. There are other elements that Google’s robots look at. These elements are the title, the meta-tag, and the meta-description. As a small business owner you probably don’t want to go messing with the HTML to add all of these elements. Fortunately, you don’t have to, just as long as you are using WordPress to build and manage your site. Instead, you need to download..

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Supercharge Local SEO with the Whitespark Citation Finder


I’ve been impressed with the Whitespark local citation finder for some time. And since building lots and lots of citations is one of the best ways to supercharge your local search marketing I decided I’d take a moment to walk you through the use of the tool. Whitespark is powerful because it can literally uncover hundreds of different places to build citations. Use them all and it becomes much harder to knock you out of the top..

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Think Conversion, Not Just SEO


As a business owner trying to advertise your products and services on the Internet you’ve got to observe a careful balance. On one hand, you’ve got to make Google happy. On the other hand, you’ve got to appeal to customers. It can be tempting to skew that balance too far in Google’s direction out of a desire to rank as highly as possible. There’s something primal about the need to be number one. It’s also easy to assume that the top spot will bring you all of the customers you..

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Search Engine Optimization Basics: Keywords Still Matter


If you spend a lot of time listening to SEO buzz these days you might wind up getting the impression that keywords no longer matter. Google is certainly working hard to make its search engine harder to manipulate, but this would be a misnomer. Keywords are still very important. It’s more accurate to say that you don’t need to go crazy with keywords. The days of trying to shove an awkward keyword into every other sentence are long gone. However, slipping keywords into your title is still a good idea.

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Why Your Small Business Should Avoid Reputation Management Services


Reputation management services can be problematic for small business owners. Though maintaining a positive image online is more important than ever, many of these companies go about it the wrong way. There are two primary problems. The first is extortion. The second is fake reviews. Extortion Some reputation management companies actually damage your reputation themselves. Then they contact you. They put up fake bad reviews. Or they either dig up or post other damaging information about your company, or you personally. Then they contact you offering to “get the information..

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