Are you on page two of Google or just having a tough time in general ranking for anything? Do you feel you are virtually invisible online?

Building a solid SEO foundation is crucial to your ranking success and that’s what local SEO optimization is all about – building a solid foundation for your SEO efforts so you can have better rankings!

Local SEO Package

  • Full Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Full Website Optimization
  • Schema Markup
  • XML Sitemap
  • Web Page Sitemap
  • Embedded Google Map
  • Online Review Strategy
  • 30 Citations
  • Google Maps Listing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Personal Consulting


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What Does Your Online Visibility Look Like?

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The first thing I’ll do is conduct a full website audit. These audits are done manually by yours truly with the aid of various tools. I’ll do an indepth evaluation of three major aspects of your website. I’ll look at all the technical aspects of your site that can affect SEO, the content itself throughout your site, and the design and flow of your website to ensure it’s set up to achieve your business goals.

There are many technical aspects of a website that can adversely affect your SEO efforts. For example, not having a mobile friendly website or having a very slow website can impact your rankings. Broken links and canonical errors can also have a negative impact on your rankings. If you have no idea what “canonical” means that’s o.k. I’ll explain everything to you in a language you’ll easily understand when I go over the technical aspects of the audit with you.

When I audit your content I’ll look to see how well it is optimized for the search engines. Are you utilizing meta titles and descriptions? Are you using H1 tags and properly optimizing the images on your pages? Do you have enough content on your pages? Is the content high quality and engaging? I’ll audit these things and much more when I review the content on your website.

Finally, when I audit your website for user optimization I’ll be looking to see if the site is set up properly to convert your website visitors to paying customers. If you tell me the goal is to get more people calling you then I’ll make sure your website is set up to encourage visitors to call you! If there is one specific product or service you want to sell more of, I’ll be looking to see if your site is set up to accomplish that goal.

You probably already have a good idea what keywords you want to rank but I’ll also do keyword research to make sure we’re not missing any important keyword phrases you should be targeting. When I’m done I’ll send you a keyword report with my findings and recommendations. Then together we’ll determine which keywords are the most important so I can properly optimize your website for them.

Here’s where I really roll up my sleeves and get to work on your website. After doing a thorough audit as mentioned above, I go to work to fix everything that needs to be fixed! When I’m done, your website will be fully optimized for the search engines so you can enjoy better rankings.

By the way, if your content needs help, or we need to create important content for your site, I’ll enlist my professional writer. She’ll work with us to create high-quality, compelling content that is fully optimized for SEO. She’ll write up to 10 pages of content for no additional charge.

I don’t stop at search engine optimization, however. I also make sure your website is optimized for your visitors. You might not think this is important but it is. What good is it to have a website that ranks well but doesn’t convert your visitors to actual paying customers? You want your website to do what you want it to do. That might mean more phone calls, or more sales of a specific product or service. Whatever your goals are, I’ll make sure your website is set up to accomplish those goals!

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to local SEO is keep your “NAP” consistent throughout the Internet – both on your website and other websites. NAP stands for your business Name, Address, and Phone number. You want to keep this information exactly the same across all websites. Ideally, you also want your NAP on every page of your website in a coding markup called Schema.

Schema is a specific kind of HTML code that consists of tags that help the search engines easily understand the information you put in those tags. It also allows the search engines to easily display that information in the search results. I will have your NAP placed in the footer of your website in Schema.

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. The XML sitemap is primarily for the search engines. It contains links to all the pages on your website. Because it isn’t meant for humans and primarily for search engines, it doesn’t have any fancy design or anything to it. It’s just a page on your site with a bunch of links. Click here to see the XML sitemap for this website. A XML sitemap makes it easy for the search engines to find and index all the pages on your website. In addition to having a XML sitemap created for your site, I’ll have it submitted to Google and Bing as well to ensure your content is always indexed with the two major search engines!

A web page sitemap is a regular web page that also has links to all the pages on your website but it is primarily meant for your visitors. As a result, it does “look fancy” and is structured in such a way that is easy for visitors to navigate. Click here to see the web page sitemap for this website. Notice how different it looks from the XML sitemap? A web page sitemap makes it easy for your users to find all of the content on your website. It also makes it easy for the search engines to find your content as well.

When it comes to local SEO, it’s never one “big thing” that gets your contractor website ranking well. It’s the accumulation of many little things that make the difference. To be exact, there are well over 200 ranking factors! One of those “little things” is embedding a Google Map on your site if you have a physical location. However, you don’t want to embed a generic Google Map as most business owners do. Here is an example of a generic embedded map:


You want to embed a Google Map that displays your company information on the map along with any reviews of your business. Here is an example of the type of Google map you want embedded on your site:


I will make sure you have the correct Google map embedded on your site!

Getting online reviews from your customers is very important for your business for a couple reasons. They are an important ranking factor in local SEO and they can play a critical role in helping convert leads into paying customers! Before anyone even contacts you about your products or services, I can guarantee you they are reading reviews about your business to see what other customers say about your business. If they see a lot of positive, glowing reviews, you’re going to get the call! Likewise, if they can’t find any reviews or if they see mostly bad reviews, they probably won’t call you.

The more online reviews you have the better – both for SEO and for converting leads. Of course the key is not just getting reviews. You want positive reviews! I provide my clients with an online review strategy that includes access to an advanced online review tool that helps them build up their online reviews naturally, while preventing bad reviews from being published online.

I offer the online review tool to my clients at $19/month but with this package you get access to it for free for 6 months. If you want to continue using it after that, it’s just $19/month for however long you want to use it.

A citation is any mention of your business on the Internet. A “full citation” is when your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) is referenced. Now here’s the thing, a citation doesn’t have to have all three things (business name, address, and phone number) and it doesn’t have to include a link to your site either. For example, if a website simply mentions your business name and address, that counts as a citation. We call these partial citations.

The type of citation you’re probably most familiar with is a full citation on a business directory. I’m referring to the typical business listing on a directory like Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc.

Citations are important because they are a key factor in local search rankings and sometimes can generate leads for your business by themselves.

When you create citations for your business there are some sources that send your information to a number of directories. These are called data aggregators. The main data aggregators are Infogroup, Localeze, Factual, and Acxiom. With this package, I submit your business information to these data aggregators.

In addition to submitting your business to the data aggregators, I’ll submit your business to 30 of the most important citation sources/directories for your business.

Now you may be thinking, “Wait a minute. My business is already listed on a number of directories so I don’t need this.” That might be true but my citation team will double check to make sure you are indeed listed on the top citation sources. We’ll also make sure the NAP (business name, address, phone number) is accurate and consistent with what you have on your website. We also check for duplicates and if we find any, we have them deleted. If you don’t have a listing, we create one. Finally, we make sure all of your citations are claimed/verified (for those sources that provide this option) so that you have full ownership and control of them.

The citation process is a such a thorough, and manual process, that it takes roughly 5 weeks to complete. At the end of the process, your business information will have been submitted to the main data aggregators and 30 of the most important citation sources.

Most businesses already have a Google Maps listing but I’ll double check to make sure you do and I’ll make sure that it is claimed and verified by your business. Many businesses have Google Maps listings but they aren’t claimed so they can’t be controlled by the actual business owner! I’ll also make sure your business doesn’t have any duplicate listings either. Duplicates are common and can hurt your rankings so it’s important to get them taken care of.

Having a Google Maps listing is important for local businesses because these listings are prominently ranked and displayed on Google when people search for your products and services. Your maps listing is also where customers can leave you an online review of your business.

Here are the maps listings for a local search for, “plumbers in minneapolis”


If you don’t have Google Analytics installed on your website, I’ll be sure it is. With Google Analytics installed, you’ll have access to more data about your website than you ever imagined. You’ll know how many visitors your website is getting, where they come from, how long they stay on your website, what pages they view, and so much more. With this information, you can determine what’s working and what isn’t. I will also show you how to access your Analytics data and how to read the data (and what to look for).

Google Search Console is a free web service provided by Google for anyone that has a website. By adding your website to Google Search Console, it allows you to check the indexing status and overall health of your website. Ultimately, it helps you optimize the visibility of your website in Google. For example, if you have broken web pages that you are unaware of, or if Google has difficulty crawling any pages, you’ll be made aware of these issues so you can fix them.

If you don’t have a Google Search console account, I will create one for you and I’ll submit your website to it. I will then show you how to access it so you can monitor it periodically to make sure your website is always “healthy” and doing well. As an added bonus, I will create a Bing Webmasters account and submit your site to it as well. Like Google’s service, Bing Webmasters is free and gives you much of the same information. By knowing what the two largest search engines “see” when they crawl your site, you’ll be assured your website is in tip-top shape (technically) and that your content is being indexed in these search engines!

Throughout the time we work together on your website, you’ll have unlimited access to me with no additional charges. I’ll be available to answer any questions you have about your website, SEO, PPC, or anything related to your online visibility.