Stand out in the search results by having more online reviews! Reputation Manager is a simple-to-use tool that will help you get feedback from your customers and build online reviews on the review sites that matter the most to your business. Reputation Manager will help you get more testimonials and online reviews with ease – while also helping to prevent negative reviews from appearing online.

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These are the frequently asked questions I get from small businesses considering the Reputation Manager tool.

Reputation Manager is designed for any small business that wants to stand out from their competition by having a positive reputation online. If your business has a website and it’s important to you to have positive testimonials on your website and positive reviews online, then Reputation Manager will work for you!

When we talk about reputation management we’re talking about what others say about you and your business online. These opinions can be voiced on review sites, social media sites, forums, blog, and just about any other web page online. Online reviews, however, have the greatest impact on a local business owner’s reputation and their bottom line. Reputation Manager addresses just that – your online reviews.

It’s a tool that will help you get more reviews online while helping to prevent negative reviews from appearing online. If you actually use the tool, over time you’ll have a lot of positive online reviews on review sites that have the greatest impact on your business. The result will be your business will stand out more in the search results and you’ll generate more business because of it!

Every testimonial and online review you get using Reputation Manager is real! They are directly from your customers. The tool does not generate testimonials or reviews. It’s simply a tool that helps you get testimonials and online reviews from your customers.

Reputation Manager does this by two primary methods. The first method is providing a link to a feedback page where your customers rate your business and leave you feedback (i.e. a testimonial). Here is what the feedback page looks like:

feedback page

If they give you a rating of 7 or higher, they are redirected to a page where they are encouraged to leave you an online review.

The other method the tool helps generate reviews is by emailing your customers. You enter your customers’ first and last names, and their primary email addresses into the tool. Reputation Manager then sends an email to them asking them for feedback and an online review. If the customer doesn’t respond to that first email, Reputation Manager sends a follow up email a few days later. Most people will respond after two emails but if they don’t, then the tool doesn’t follow up again because we don’t want to upset your customers by pestering them!

Reputation Manager uses a filter that helps prevent negative reviews from being left online. When your customers go to the feedback page they are asked to rate your business on a scale from 1-10.

business rating

If the customer gives you a rating of 7 or higher, or whatever threshold you want to set as the minimum, after they submit their feedback to you (a customer testimonial that you can then use on your website), they are redirected to a page where they are encouraged to leave you an online review at any of the sites you have listed. This is what that page looks like:

leave a review

If the customer gives you a rating less than 7, then they aren’t redirected to the page where they are encouraged to leave an online review. Instead, their rating and feedback is sent directly to you via email. This gives you a chance to follow up with customer and address their concerns before they go off and start leaving you bad reviews all over the internet!

Please Note: While Reputation Manager does a great job preventing negative online reviews, there is no guarantee that it will prevent all negative reviews from occurring. If a disgruntled customer is determined to leave you a bad review online they will. The good news is if you have Reputation Manager in place and you’re diligent in following up immediately on any negative feedback you get from the tool, you’ll have a far greater chance of preventing a negative review from happening!

Reputation Manager is really easy to use and because it’s a web-based tool there is absolutely nothing for you to install! As soon as you submit payment you can be up and running immediately. The set up fees covers my time to configure the tool specifically for your business and to walk you through the tool. It’s totally painless to get started and requires very little of your time.

Reputation Manager is a fully automated tool and for most businesses requires less than 20 minutes per week if the email functionality is used. The email function allows you to upload customers names and email addresses so the tool can follow up with them with an email requesting feedback and a review.

Otherwise if you don’t use the email function and you just have a link to the Reputation Manager feedback page on your website and/or give that link to your customers, there is no ongoing management required! As customers visit your feedback page you’ll start getting more testimonials and online reviews.

Yes! Reputation Manager is a web-based tool so you can access it on any device that has an Internet connection and a browser. And because Reputation Manager is 100% mobile friendly it’s easy to read and use on any mobile device.

Sure. You pay the one-time set up fee of $99 and then $19/month starting in month 2. You don’t pay the $19 for the first month as the first month’s fee is included in the set up fee.

You’re a business owner so you have better things to do than learn how to use a tool! Even though the tool is very easy to use it would still take a good hour or two to get familiar with it and get it all configured if you were to do it on your own. When are you going to find time to spend even a couple hours doing this? Probably never, right?

The set up fee covers my time to configure the tool specifically for your business and to show you how to use the tool. You also have a direct line to me to ask any questions you have as you use the tool. You’ll have access to a number of tutorials on how to use the tool but you won’t need them because I’ll be setting everything up for you and I’ll be available to answer any questions you have!

Yes. If you’d rather spend the time going through the tutorials on how to configure and use the tool than have me take care of everything, that’s perfectly fine. Just let me know when we get started that you’d rather set everything up yourself and I’ll be sure to waive the set up fee. I rarely get this request but if you’re a do-it-yourselfer and would rather go through a few tutorials to get up and running, that’s great. I’ll gladly waive the fee.

No. You can use Reputation Manager for as long as you want. It’s month-to-month. Whenever you want to cancel just let me know.

When you are done using Reputation Manager, I don’t hold your data hostage. You can export all your customer data and testimonials at any time. Because reviews are left on 3rd party review sites, those will remain in place as well.