Add Your Business to Google Places and Google Maps in 9 Easy Steps

Travis Van SlootenSmall Business SEO


add-business-to-google-maps-google-placesMany business owners want to know how to add business to Google Places and Google Maps. They understand the importance of creating a search engine optimized business listing that gets their business ranked on the first search result page.

However, these business owners do not know where to start when it comes to adding their business to the most popular local search engine.

Google has made adding businesses to Google a simple 9-step process. The search engine giant summarizes the process by stressing three important points.

First, you must submit all of your business information, including accurate contact information, videos, and photographs.

Second, you verify that all of the information to appear in your Google Places business listing is accurate.

Finally, and here is the tough part, you may have to wait up to two weeks before your business listing appears in Google Places and on the Google Maps.

Follow the 9-step process to add business to Google and you will be on your way to establishing a strong Internet presence for your business.

Research Google Places

As our grade school teachers used to remind us, “Read the directions before you start.” The same principle applies to Google Places.

You cannot add your business listing to Google Places until you read Google Places quality guidelines and the local listings content policy.

Google Account

Sign up for a Google Places account before signing up for a Google Places account. You allow access to other users to your Google Places listing only by sharing your Google account information. Google Places accounts do not transfer to other users.

Review Google Places Home Page

Take a few minutes to review the options on the Google Places home page. After the quick review, click “Add New Business” to add business to Google.

Does Google Have Information about Your Business?

Select the country where your business is located. Enter the primary phone number of your business, and then click “Find business Information.”

Review Search Results

If you do not find any information, now is the time to add all of the relevant content that best describes your business. Click “Add a New Listing,” which will take you to the next page.

Input Basic Business Information

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make when they add business to Google is submitting inaccurate information on the basic information page. Make sure you submit the officially registered name of your business, the standard mailing address, primary phone number, and the URL of your business’ organic website

The more, the Better

In order to maximize your business listing’s search engine optimization, you must complete every field that Google Places presents in its database. You can enter up to 5 categories that describe your business. Complete the hours of operation and payment options fields. You can add up to 10 photographs and 5 YouTube videos, which enhance your Google Places SEO. Finally, add as much information as you can in the “Additional Details” field.

Review Listing

Take your time to ensure that you have inputted accurate information about your business. Preview the information on the right side of your screen. Click the “Submit” button” after reviewing your business listing information.


Google Places will prompt you to choose how you want to verify your information. After you inform Google how you want to verify your business listing, the last step in the process is to click “Finish.”

You will receive a PIN, otherwise known as a verification code, to either your business address or phone number. Once you receive your PIN, you can then enter it into your Google Places account and verify your business listing. Remember that the key to optimizing your Google Places listing is submitting accurate information, and lots of it, when you add business to Google.