4 Plumber SEO Tips to Help You Get More Business

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plumber seoIf you’re a plumber, SEO is probably the last thing on your mind. After all, you’ve got customers to serve!

However, you also know that it’s important to maintain a solid web presence so that you can get more business in the future. Fortunately, SEO for plumbers isn’t necessarily rocket science. Here’s four tips to help you get more business this year.

1. Share Preventative Tips, Advice, and DIY Projects

As a plumber your biggest business hurdle is getting homeowners to trust you. Every homeowner has a horror story about the nightmare contractor, and many homeowners are afraid to call a plumber even when they need one.

Why? They’re afraid of incompetence and out-of-control expenses. You’ve got to put their mind at ease.

Sharing preventative tips, advice, and DIY projects offers you a way to set their mind at ease. It also offers you a legitimate way to work good plumber SEO keywords into your website.

Remember, Google only wants one thing: to deliver the best possible search results to customers. You can usually win at SEO by aligning yourself with this objective. The only way to do this is by offering a steady stream of fresh, interesting, and relevant content to your customers.

2. Don’t Rely on Organic Search Traffic Alone

Organic search traffic is wonderful, and it’s powerful. But you need to make sure you’re finding other ways to make yourself visible.

Reach out to other websites in your community and make comments. Don’t turn down chances to get one-way links back to your website. Participate in forums, especially forums where homeowners ask questions about plumbing. Use social media to your advantage.

Every time you do these things you build a little road that leads back to your website. You give people the chance to locate you on other websites. These little traffic sources can soon become a flood that gives you what you need regardless of what you do.

SEO changes every year because Google changes every year. You need a strategy that keeps you afloat in spite of what Google is doing, even if you’re doing your best to align yourself with Google’s objectives.

3. Zero in on Local SEO

Chances are you’re working with customers that are within 15 to 50 miles of your business address. The bulk of your traffic needs to come from the same location.

Local SEO practices include optimizing your Google+ Local listing, offering the kind of customer service that generates good reviews, building citations and working localized keywords into your web content.

These techniques aren’t difficult, but they are a bit time consuming. There’s also a right way to do them and a wrong way to do them.

The right way to do local SEO will look natural to the customer and to Google. The wrong way will be jarring and will lose you business.

4. Get Help When You Need It

Do you have ten hours a week or more to devote to your internet marketing efforts? If you don’t, then it’s a great idea to get help.

When it comes to plumber SEO you’re either going to pay in time or you’re going to pay in money. It’s often a good idea to pay in money simply because an SEO expert has time to stay on top of everything Google is doing while creating the content that you need to put your best face forward with potential customers.

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