What You Should Know About Online Plumbing Marketing

Carmen Rane HudsonSmall Business SEO


plumbing-marketingChances are plumbing marketing is the last thing you want to think about. You would rather be taking care of your customers.

But Internet marketing for plumbers isn’t something that you can afford to ignore. All other forms of advertising are becoming irrelevant. It’s almost impossible to get business if you don’t have an effective online presence.

Your Website Needs to Inspire Confidence

Like all contractors, plumbers sometimes have problems overcoming a homeowner’s distrust. There are just too many horror stories floating around about contractors who have treated their customers badly.

Fortunately, a website is an almost-perfect vehicle for building that trust. When you take the time to provide your potential customers with stellar content that they care about then you help break down those barriers.

Offering good content helps customers feel like they’re getting to know you. It also demonstrates that you know what you’re doing.

A few subtle nudges and calls to action can take care of the rest, inspiring the homeowner to fill out your contact form or give you a call. If you play your cards right you can use your internet marketing efforts to generate repeat business, too.

Your Website Needs Local Visitors

You’re in Minneapolis. You don’t need web traffic from neighboring Iowa.

Too many plumbers try to compete with the entire Internet. Often, they’re inspired by internet marketers who actually do have products that they can sell nation wide.

Don’t try to reach the country when you only need to reach around the block. By zeroing in on local internet marketing you simultaneously make things easier on yourself and reach the buyers you’re trying to reach.

After all, if you’re in a town with 35 plumbers then you only have to compete with those 35 plumbers when you use local SEO. That’s a lot better than competing with hundreds of thousands of plumbers across the country!

Local SEO starts at your website, but spreads out to other sites like Google+ Local, Yelp, Hot Frog, and other key directories. It also reaches out to your customers, who need to be encouraged to provide reviews.

Your Website Needs to Inspire Action

Customers are a passive, indecisive lot. They will sit and “think about” calling you unless you tell them to call you!

It’s important to provide clear calls to action throughout your website. You don’t have to “hard sell” anybody, but you do have to gently remind them to give you a call after you’re done offering them great information.

You need a way to capture customer information so you can follow up with them. Sometimes you can do this with an e-mail list and a free download. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of designing your contact form the right way.

Are you struggling with your internet marketing? As a trusted local SEO company that has helped many plumbers throughout the country, call us today and we’ll help you out!