4 Electrician SEO Marketing Tips for Online Success

Carmen Rane HudsonSmall Business SEO


electrician-seo-marketingElectrician marketing has moved almost 100% online. The yellow pages, billboards, brochures, television commercials and radio spots just aren’t as effective as they used to be.

Internet marketing for electricians isn’t necessarily like internet marketing for other businesses, however. Here are four tips that can help you get more customers.

1. The Best Electrician Marketing is Local

Chances are you serve a specific local area. It isn’t cost effective to stray too far from your home office.

Therefore, your internet marketing efforts should be focused on ranking highly for local keywords like “Minneapolis electrician.” This means working local keywords into your own website wherever and whenever it makes sense to do so (without keyword stuffing).

It also means mastering Google+ Local optimization.

Local optimization can be time-consuming, since you have to build a bunch of citations. You also need to work hard at encouraging positive customer reviews.

2. You Need a Great Blog

There are many reasons why a great blog is important. One reason is it gives you multiple legitimate opportunities to work your keywords (both local and general) into your website.

Another reason is that Google favors websites that update their content regularly. You don’t want to change your boilerplate sales content every week, so you need another way to keep it fresh.

Blogs also help you build relationships with potential customers. If you were hiring a contractor, who would you trust more? Someone who handed you a brochure, or someone who gave you the information you needed when you needed it?

3. Off-Site SEO Matters

Citations are one source of off-site SEO. However, contractors also need to look for other ways to build backlinks.

Social media is another method of boosting your web presence and building up your off-site SEO. Google+ is an especially effective vehicle for doing this because Google gives preference to the site that it owns. However, electricians can also benefit from having a presence on Twitter and Facebook.

4. You Can Pay for Your Marketing Efforts in Money or in Time

Most internet marketing methods are free. It costs next to nothing to host and build a website. Social media is free. So is Google+ Local.

However, it can take hours of focused effort every single week to really start seeing results. As an electrician you might find it difficult to take that kind of time. You might also find it frustrating and tedious if you don’t like to write.

If you find yourself in this situation you might be relieved to find that getting help with your internet marketing is still less expensive than most traditional marketing efforts. Call TVS Internet Marketing at (800) 679-6005 today to find out what kind of ROI you can expect from getting help with your internet marketing efforts!