My Brother Is So Dumb (When It Comes To SEO)

Steve FreemanSmall Business SEO

It’s so obvious to me why my Mom loves me best. I’m smarter, better looking, and people like me. My brother and I spend the first 10 minutes of our phone conversations this way and it usually ends in a draw. But my conversation with him yesterday makes me think it just may be true.

Let me tell you about my brother; he took over the family business and turned it from a small local home remodeler to a fire restoration company serving all of Southern California. He has 18 employees and is hiring more salespeople. My brother, my little brother, is one of the 2% income earners.

Why is he so dumb? Online marketing ain’t his strong suit. Basically he told me “yeah, I know I gotta get some of that online marketing crap, but I’m just too busy”. But he did hire an SEO expert on a one year contract and is spending $1,000.00 per month to increase his page rank on Google.

Yeah, I know, that sounds smart but get this. This kills me. He tells me it’s been 4 months and he’s gotten no leads that he can tell. “Yeah the guy keeps sending reports, but reports don’t bring income in the door”. He goes on to say that his SEO guy has been writing articles with different keywords embedded to help the ranking but, “this guy doesn’t know anything about the construction trade and the articles are so basic I feel like I have to re write each one.”

Yes, these are minor concerns. No one knows your business the way you do. Which brings up the point, your customers don’t know your business the way you do either. How technical do you need them to be? If I read a post written for a CPA I bail, BORING!

So why is my brother so dumb? He has stopped returning the calls from the SEO company. Let’s recap, he’s paying $1,000.00 per month and he doesn’t return the calls from his SEO company. Why? He’s too busy, and it’s not working. Hmmmm, let me see – could those two things be related somehow?

All marketing is meant to build a pipeline of consistent customer leads. Every different marketing program you invest in must have time and money devoted to make it work.

An online presence is not an option any more. Customers are now checking to see who you are online FIRST. If they can’t find you it’s worse than losing a lead, you could be putting your business in jeopardy by making it hard for your customer to find you!

Maybe what he needs to have is the patience it takes for a new system to work.

So anyway Mom I just thought I would drop you this note and let you know what your dumb son is up to, remember I love you more and I was the one who painted your house.

Love, Steve;)

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