How Often Should a Contractor Update a Blog?

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updating a blog

updating a blogMany contractors avoid starting blogs on their website because they are worried about the time commitment. They think they have to update their blog every single day in order to see any results.

Fortunately, that’s not true at all. I would say that twice a week is just fine for any contractor’s blog, and I’ve got some hard numbers to prove it.

We’ll start with Contractor Blog A. Contractor Blog A has been getting 2 posts per week for six months.

Contractor Blog A was not getting much traffic. Now it sees 2700 visitors every month for over 600 keywords.

Then there’s Contractor Blog B.

At first, they were only getting a handful of visitors every month. Now they’re getting over 6,000 visitors per month. 70% of those visitors are from search traffic, ranking for approximately 1300 keywords that relate, in some form or fashion, to their business.

This means that you can come up with just 8 topics every month. Offer these topics on a consistent schedule and do a good job with them, and you can easily build the type of blog that will support your business.

Are all the blog posts masterpieces? No. Many of the posts are just basic, helpful how-to posts that people might need to know about. Other posts are livelier and more unique. This usually came later, since it takes time and practice to really get into a topic enough to do that.

Now of course, to receive these kinds of results it was important to follow some best practices. These blogs had to target some sensibly chosen keywords.

That’s not to say that the blogs were designed to talk to Google robots. They weren’t.

When you blog, you talk to humans and give robots a little nod. That’s all. Just one little nod to the robots to make their life a little easier. That’s all the robots want out of you anyway.

And it was important for each post to be long enough to really offer something of value.

There was an investment of time. But that’s how marketing goes.

You can invest time, or you can invest money. You have to invest one or the other or your business is going to be basically invisible.

But you don’t have to go crazy with either one of those two assets. You can apply them intelligently and strategically to get some pretty amazing results.

Today’s Action Items:

  • Jot down 8 topic ideas for your blog and commit to just 2 blog posts per week.