How to Grow a Small Business

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how-to-grow-a-small-businessAs I look around online I find a lot of questions about how to grow a small business. Some of those questions come from people whose businesses have stalled, and some come from new business owners. I’ve also seen the questions coming from people who are feeling squeezed by competitors and who really want a way to increase their market share.

Fortunately, meeting all of these goals isn’t as hard as most people think, especially not in the age of internet marketing. That is because most of the competition isn’t even using the tools that will help them grow, which means you’ve got a real chance of success the moment you take advantage of those tools for your own business.

Get a Website

It’s 2013. But over 50% of businesses out there still don’t have websites.

We work with a lot of contractors, and I’m sorry to say that among contractors the numbers are even worse. I’ve been helping a friend look for a few pros to work on her home recently, and I’ve been appalled at the results of my searches in her city.

Frankly, I can find 40 names but only 4 websites.

I pretty much won’t so much as call a business – any business – if they don’t have a website these days. That just tells me that your business is backwards and out of touch.

I know I’m not the only person who thinks this way.

Optimize Your Google+ Local Listings

We’re a local SEO company so of course we bang this drum all the time. However, most businesses are not doing a thing with their Google+ Local listings. I know this because several of the local businesses in the top 7 for any given category in some cities haven’t so much as claimed their listings.

This represents an enormous opportunity for you. If you do optimize our web pages you’ve got a good chance of snagging one of those Top 7 spots, showing up in the search results in a spot that customers really trust.

Build Relationships

Build relationships with your customers. Really take the time to take care of them.

Spend time with them. Answer their questions. Deliver great service.

These things aren’t hard, but most businesses don’t do them. Encountering someone who even does these basics, who is kind and knowledgeable, is even more rare.

So if you can go above and beyond the call of duty then you’re simply going to blow people away.

When you do this, something magical happens. These customers call you again and again, every time they need yo. They also tell their friends all about you. And yes, they sometimes even voluntarily think to leave online reviews.

There’s plenty of fast new technology to help you market your business. But getting a lasting edge still requires at least one slow-and-steady method: being one of the best at what you do.

This Combination Can’t Be Beat

Doing any one of these things is helpful. Doing all three of them together will really help your business reach its full potential.

Action Items:

  • Build a website if you don’t have one already.
  • Claim your Google+ Local listing.
  • Don’t have time, know-how, or desire to do this stuff? Call us at (800) 679-6005.