How to Market a Small Business When You Don’t Have Time

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how-to-market-a-small-businessIn a previous post I addressed some of the issues surrounding business marketing and how those issues can impact your time. Specifically, I spoke about the need to value your own time and the need to understand how much that time is costing you, specifically as it relates to internet marketing.

Of course, the price tag for not doing the marketing is correspondingly higher. If you don’t put yourself out there where people who want you can find you then you just won’t be in business for very long.

So what can you do?


There are 50 ways or more to market your business, drive traffic to your website, and increase the number of times that you appear in the public eye.

Trying to focus on all of those methods, however, can be extremely overwhelming.

Instead, you should focus on 3-5 methods that really work well for your business. You should feel comfortable with those methods if you try to take the DIY route.

3-5 marketing methods done well can bring you plenty of business. Trying to do dozens of methods badly, however, won’t bring you any business at all.

Take Advantage of Slow Days

Don’t get stressed out about slow days. Turn them to your advantage.

If you can write 4 blog posts on a slow day, for example, you can use WordPress’ scheduling feature to make sure those posts are coming out at regular intervals over the next 2 weeks.

Then you can jump on Hoot Suite. Stop and reply to anyone you need to, then schedule three tweets per blog post.

Then, perhaps you can take about half an hour to clean up some of your citations. And, if you have time and haven’t automated the email, you can e-mail some of your customers to request feedback.

Now you’ve had a very productive day, and you’ve made it more likely that you’ll have fewer slow days in the future.

Get Help!

If you really, consistently have no time for marketing then it’s time to get some help. Call us at (612) 424-5700 or toll-free at (800) 679-6005 to discuss whether getting full-time online marketing help is right for your business.