What Some Funny Plumbers Taught Me About Viral Video Marketing

Carmen Rane HudsonSmall Business Websites & Blogs


I’m not really a hugely funny person by nature, so I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about viral video marketing. I’ve long been aware that to go viral, a video usually has to be funny, entertaining, or controversial.

And usually, some good, solid videos are really all you can aspire to as a small business owner. If those videos are even a little useful, they’ll typically serve you very well.

Frankly, I also assumed that there was nothing too hilarious about the day-to-day world of most businesses.

Last week, however, Plumber SEO made me rethink that stance when they shared this video on Twitter.

This video definitely deserves the viral attention it is getting. Here’s what it’s doing right.

It has found its humor in a recognizable industry stereotype, something that’s familiar to everyone. This makes the video incredibly accessible.

This made me realize that there are a lot of those stereotypes floating around. What could a dentist do with the “painful trip to the dentist” stereotype for example?

But the humor isn’t really even the genius behind this video. It’s a great marketing tool because of one other very smart thing that these plumbers did.

They clearly communicated what sets their company apart throughout the entire video.

  • They are pulled together and respectable.
  • They’ll give you the “red carpet treatment” by placing a red doormat on your front stoop to catch mud.
  • They put on booties so they don’t track stuff into your house.
  • They’ve all had background checks and are trustworthy, so you can feel safe letting them into your house.

I’m pretty sure I’d call them if I were in their service area. By the way, they also made sure to strengthen their local position with their YouTube video title: “Pull ’em Up” Rap Video – San Diego Plumbers of Anderson Plumbing, Heating and Air.

So what about your business? Could you put together something that could go just as viral and communicate your USP just as well? And if not, can you think of something interesting and useful to do instead? It’s certainly something to think about!