Are Web Maintenance Services Worth the Money?

Carmen Rane HudsonSmall Business Websites & Blogs


web-maintenance-servicesWeb maintenance services are great for small business owners who miss the “fix it and forget it” nature of old school marketing and advertising methods. Depending upon the service package you get, you could literally have your entire web presence taken care of for less than you’d have spent to purchase less-effective advertising.

Here are three ways that getting this kind of service on your side can help your business.

Save Technical Headaches

Sites which are buggy and slow don’t do much to impress customers or to build relationships. They also get penalized in Google.

When something goes wrong, however, you probably don’t have 20 hours to try to teach yourself how to fix it. And you certainly don’t need that kind of frustration.

Web maintenance services already know what can go wrong with websites and how to solve these kinds of problems. You can sit back knowing your website is busy running smoothly.

Keep Content Fresh

Websites that aren’t updated very often don’t provide visitors with any reasons to return. The longer your website remains static the less professional you look.

When people know there’s always going to be something new they will tend to check in every now and then. That gives you an additional chance to build the relationship or make the sale.

Google also prefers fresh content that is updated on a regular basis and will tend to give that content a boost on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

There are dozens of websites are blogs that put up 5-10 posts before they simply go silent because they ran out of time or ideas. Using web maintenance services means that your website doesn’t have to join them.

Update Your Website with a Phone Call or an E-mail

Updating your site will take you all of 5 minutes when you chose to get the help of a professional webmaster. You can simply describe what you want done and someone else makes that happen.

That means “webmaster” can become one less hat that you have to wear while running your small business.

It’s all a matter of valuing your time. If you place a high value on your time but also want to maintain a great website then these services are definitely worth the money.