Why Your Small Business Needs Blog Writing Services

Carmen Rane HudsonSmall Business Websites & Blogs


blog-writing-servicesI don’t know you, Small Business Owner. But I bet I know a thing or two about you.

You’re busy and probably exhausted. You have to somehow cram 30 hours of tasks into each 24 hour day.

You desperately need to keep the leads rolling in, but marketing has to hit the back burner more often than not. When you have to make a choice between the customer in front of you and the customer you might get tomorrow, the customer in front of you wins.

Sure, there are long term consequences when you fall down on your marketing, but you’re doing the best you can right now.

Plus, you might even hate to write. And all this talk about “engagement” and “relationship building” is kind of stressful when you are thinking about obtaining the revenue you need to keep your business open and your family fed.

But you know it’s got to be done. And you know that blogging will bring you more business than brochures, billboards, radio ads, and the old, dead Yellow Pages.

These are great reasons to take advantage of blog writing services. Imagine knowing that every single week, your blog and website is filling up with cool content that builds trust with your prospective customers.

Imagine getting around problems with listing your business in a given service area. Imagine being at or near the top of search engine results for each town in your service area because your blogger is making intelligent use of local keywords every time a post goes live.

You know all of the benefits of blogging: more traffic, more trust, more sales. So if you’re not blogging already, or you want someone else to handle it for you, contact us about web maintenance and blogging services. Travis and I will make it easy for you to get more visibility and sales online!