Pinterest Marketing for Contractors

Carmen Rane HudsonSocial Media


pinterest-marketingIf your business produces something that is both tangible and beautiful then Pinterest can be an excellent social media marketing outlet for you. While I’d never suggest Pinterest to a plumber, I would suggest it to:

  • Painters
  • Landscapers
  • Fence contractors
  • Remodeling pros
  • Flooring pros
  • Window contractors

Each of these business types regularly produces the things that people on Pinterest love to see.

How do I know? First, “Home” is the most popular category on Pinterest at 17.2%, and “For the Home” is the most popular board name. See this infographic.

Tech Crunch reports that the typical user is an 18 to 34 year old upper income woman from the American Heartland. There are 10 million users, however, and they aren’t all in the heartland. You can still use Pinterest if you, say, work on the coast.

The takeaway here is that these women are likely to have money, and many are either homeowners or are actively pursuing that goal.

So what kinds of things should you pin to appeal to this market?

Pictures of your own work are extremely valuable here. They not only provide a visual testimonial to the quality of your business but they also represent a rarity on Pinterest: a new pin, rather than a recycled “repin.”

You can, and should, feature other people’s work and ideas. If you’re in Minneapolis nobody in Tampa is taking away your business unless it’s a national company, so go right ahead and share. People will love you for it, and they will follow your boards and seek to reward you by sharing your own content.

I’ve also found that an “Advice and Information” board performs extremely well on Pinterest. Use this board to pin your blog posts (and other people’s advice). These pins drive traffic to your blog and often circulate through many, many repins.

How much time should you spend on Pinterest? Like any social media site I don’t advocate that you spend too much time there. If you give Pinterest thirty minutes to an hour each week you should be able to post all the material you need to stay visible.