Think Conversion, Not Just SEO

Carmen Rane HudsonSmall Business SEO

ConversionsAs a business owner trying to advertise your products and services on the Internet you’ve got to observe a careful balance. On one hand, you’ve got to make Google happy. On the other hand, you’ve got to appeal to customers.

It can be tempting to skew that balance too far in Google’s direction out of a desire to rank as highly as possible. There’s something primal about the need to be number one. It’s also easy to assume that the top spot will bring you all of the customers you could possibly desire, whether your’e looking at your Google+ Local listings or your organic search listings.

But if you don’t spend at least as much time thinking about your customer’s experience you are likely to be disappointed by your results.

Customers are Pretty Savvy

Customers know that Google doesn’t always put the best results on top. They know that Google is ultimately just a piece of software.

So while a customer will click on the first search result first,, he won’t necessarily stay there. Not if he doesn’t see that the result meets his needs.

The person who ultimately gets the phone call may be the second or third result in line if they do a better job of giving customers what they want.

Irony of ironies: Google knows its just a piece of software too, so it takes bounce rates into account. If your listing consistently bounces customers your ranking will drop anyway.

On Google+ Local Listings

Start by taking a second look at your business description. Is it enticing? Does it speak to customers? Or is it just a collection of keywords?

Next, look at the photos you’ve taken and added to your listing. Do you even have photos? Are these photos the best you could have chosen? Could you add more photos?

On Your Website

There are three thins you need to look at on your website: content, clutter, and visual appeal.

First, content. How well does your site read? How useful is the content to the customer? Is it something you would want to read if you were searching for a website like yours?

Next, clutter. Is the site clean and easy to navigate? Does it load up quickly and perform smoothly?

Finally, visual appeal. Is your theme unique and professional? Does it bolster your brand? Are there any pictures or videos on your website? How good do they look?

Correct any issues and update your site. If you do, you should see more sales as well as more traffic. Conversions, after all, are the ultimate goal of all of this marketing, so it makes sense to pay attention to them.