How To Claim Your Google Places Listing

Travis Van SlootenSmall Business SEO

Google is buying rights to different business databases and they use those databases to auto-create Google Places listings for local businesses. If you want to check if Google has created a Google Places listing for your business, you can search Google maps using your business name, your business address, and your business phone number. If your business listing turns up in the search results, you should click on the “edit this place” button on the listing page.

After you have clicked on “edit this place”, you should select the button that says ‘claim your business’ and log in using your Google user name and password or the user name and password for your Gmail account. Once you are logged in, follow the prompts to claim your Google Places listing.

If your business did not show up in the search results then Google has not automatically created a listing for your business yet. That is alright, all you have to do is create a Google Places listing for your business.

The first thing you will need to do is log into your Google account using your user name and password, then go to Google Places. Once you are on the Google Places homepage, you want to click the button that says “get started.” You will get a series of prompts that will guide you to fill out basic information for your Google Places listing.

You will be able to go back and edit or change any of the information that you put in at any time in this part of the process. Complete the information that is requested as best you can. After you have completed this basic information, you will be able to verify your listing. This verification is done through the mail.

Watch your mail, because Google will send you a postcard that will include a PIN number that you will use to verify your listing. This postcard typically shows up within 7-14 business days after you complete the listing information. You need the PIN number to enter into the Google Places page, which will complete the verification process for your Google Places listing.

Do not neglect your Google Places listing. If you do not claim the Google Places listing, you are placing your business at risk. If you do not claim your Google Places listing, the listing could potentially be claimed by someone other than you, the rightful owner, and all they need to know is some specific information about your business.

If this happens, the person who claimed the listing could do a few things that could cause you business to experience some losses. A person who would falsely claim your business listing obviously does not have good intentions and they could easily move the marker on the Google Maps location which could lead to your customers being routed elsewhere even though they are looking for your business. Another thing that could happen is they could respond negatively to reviews that are placed on your Google Places listing which can lead to a negative impact on your reputation online.