How To Rank On Google To Increase Your Google Places Rankings

Travis Van SlootenSmall Business SEO


how-to-rank-on-google-imageDid you know that Google currently accounts for about 66%, a whopping two thirds, of all the search traffic on the web, with Yahoo and Bing combined holding a mere 30%? It’s true! That means that it is vitally important that any business, blog or other web page that wants to be successful rank high on Google.

If you can get good rankings on Google then chances are good that you’ll rank highly on other search engines, too.

Optimizing your website for search traffic does not have to be complicated. There are some steps that can be done in a few hours and others that may take months to accomplish. However, there is a lot that you can do to increase your website’s traffic if you know what you are doing. With the right information and focus you can make each web page an amazing success. This success can and will also improve your Google Places rankings so pay attention!!

And now we point to our first lesson: when trying to increase your web traffic, it is better to focus on web pages than on websites. Google does not give search results by listing websites, after all; it lists individual web pages, which means that many pages from the same site may come up for any given search.

It is vital that you remember this, because it is a key feature to our subsequent advice. A website can have countless pages, and if you carefully craft each one then you can get more than one #1 ranking in Google, exponentially increasing the success of your overall site and Google Places / Google+ Local Business Listing rank.

With that advice in mind we are ready to offer you tips to help get your website and its many pages ready to rank high in Google. For more information make sure to check out our ten part SEO series on How To Rank On Google! We begin with keyword research.