Your Contact Page Could Be Losing You Sales

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I was browsing around the Internet looking for some inspiration for my blog post this morning and I found a great video on Darren Slaughter’s blog.

You’d be amazed how the little things on your website can actually drive away business. Case in point: contact forms. You would think that there isn’t much about a contact form that could possibly harm your business, but you’d be wrong. Darren explains more in his video:

Video Highlights

The more information you ask for the less your contact form will convert. Darren claims 10% of your business is lost for each piece of information you ask for on your contact form. Ouch!

The truth is, people don’t have a lot of time and people are suspicious of giving their information out on the Internet. You also seem overeager and even a little desperate when you start asking for every piece of information under the sun.

Your contact form should ask for a name, phone number, and an e-mail address. You might solicit questions or comments too. Darren’s point was that this information gives you enough to pick up the phone or shoot over an e-mail so you can actually start a real conversation with someone who has, at this point, demonstrated a very light interest. It’s up to you to close the sale from that point on.

However, I would add something for all you contractors, something that drives me crazy whenever I set out to hire anyone from their website.

I absolutely hate it when you don’t give me anything other than a contact form. I despise it. I feel like I’m sending my information out into space. I feel like you’re taking all of the control away from me. In fact, I personally won’t hire you. I’ll get right back on the internet to search for someone else.

If you want my business you’d better have your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address right beside your contact form. Maybe I want to call you. Maybe I have a more in-depth question than your contact form allows for. Maybe I want to show up at your office to have a conversation and to meet you in person. Maybe I’m happy to fill out your contact form, but at least you’re giving me the option!

I am the customer so I ought to be able to choose how I contact you. When you force me into your contact form you make me feel as though you don’t want to do business with me unless I fall into some fairly narrow parameters.

As Darren puts it, you’re often going to be dealing with the lady of the house. People like me. Control-freak Moms. So let us have some control, for heaven’s sake!