Bierbrauer Chiropractic Review: The Best Chiropractor in Minneapolis (IMHO)

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I spend close to 12 hours on my computer almost every day during the week. My family manages to pry me away from my computer on the weekends, but even on Saturdays and Sundays I spend probably 8-10 hours on the computer. What can I say, I LOVE what I do!

The problem with spending so much time on your computer is you can get some serious back and neck issues – even if you have an ergonomically correct chair and desk like I have. Several weeks ago I developed a nagging pain in my upper back which became more and more intense over time. Then my arms started going numb in my sleep so I would wake up in the middle of the night to shake them back to life.

It was getting to the point where I couldn’t be on my computer for more than 20 minutes without having to get up and walk around for a while. And I wasn’t sleeping very well either as I was constantly waking up with numb arms and hands. These issues were starting to have a serious impact on my productivity and quality of life. I was in constant pain and I was tired from lack of sleep.

I was going to see a doctor but I knew what that was going to entail. He was going to ask me some questions, do a preliminary look at things and then refer me to a physical therapist. I’ve been through this drill before. No thank you. And no offense to physical therapists, but I’ve never had good luck with them.

I decided to skip all that and go straight to a chiropractor. Since the numbness in my arms and hands was a big issue, I started looking for chiropractors that specialized in not only back pain, but nerve issues as well.

Through my research I discovered a group of chiropractors specializing in what’s called A.R.T., an acronym for Active Release Techniques. Through the use of these techniques, chiropractors can treat problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves (BINGO – nerves – that’s the kind of chiropractor I needed to see)!

After looking through the A.R.T. website for chiropractors near me, I decided to give Dr. Chris Bierbrauer a shot. His practice is Bierbrauer Chiropractic and is located in downtown Minneapolis, MN. Here was my excellent experience with him…

My Experience with Dr. Chris Bierbrauer and Why I Recommend Bierbrauer Chiropractic

Dr. Chris BierbrauerThe first thing I needed to know is if he accepted my insurance. When I called I got a receptionist who said they would get back to me with an answer. I thought that was odd that she didn’t know. I later found out that I was dealing with an answering service.

Within 30 minutes or so I got a personal call from the chiropractor himself. I don’t know if this is standard procedure in the chiropractic world but I was impressed that the doctor himself called to answer my question. That was a pleasant surprise and gave me confidence I made the right decision to see him. I liked the personal touch. He did accept my insurance so I made an appointment.

On my way downtown Minneapolis for my first appointment I was hoping his office was going to be easy to find and that parking wasn’t going to be a pain in the neck (no pun intended). His office was very easy to find as it was just one block South of Washington Avenue off of 10th Avenue in the Mill City District. I didn’t have to drive into the heart of the city and deal with all the traffic and pedestrian activity. Parking was awesome too as there was free indoor parking or metered parking right outside his office door. I choose the metered parking (it was only a buck for one hour).

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bierbrauer chiropractic officeWhen I walked into his office I was surprised once again. I was expecting the typical “sterile” clinic environment with a receptionist, a big waiting area filled with patients, etc. Instead what I was greeted with was a small office with a cool “downtown vibe” and soothing music playing in the background and Lucy the dog slowly milling around the office. It felt more like an office you’d expect to see when you go to a downtown spa. It was very welcoming and relaxing.

I was greeted by Dr. Chris Bierbrauer (another nice personal touch). He had me fill out all the usual paperwork that is required for a first time patient visit. Once completed, Chris had me follow him to the room he was apparently going to work his magic. Before we even got started, he asked me a ton of questions and took a bunch of notes. I’ve never seen a doctor take so many notes before. This guy was writing everything down. After about 10 minutes of me talking and him taking careful notes, he asked me if there was anything else. I laughed and said, “No, that’s about all.” To say he was thorough is an understatement.

After all that it was time to get to work. He spent probably 20 minutes massaging and adjusting various parts of my arms, neck, and back. When I came to Bierbrauer Chiropractic, my pain and numbness were about a 10 on a scale from 1-10. The next day, my pain and numbness dropped to about a 6! I was amazed. I couldn’t believe the dramatic difference with just one session.

I then went back for another visit the following week. My appointment this time was much shorter as he was able to dive right into the massages and adjustments. The next day my pain and numbness dropped to a 4. More improvement!

I then went for a third visit a week after that. My pain and numbness was almost gone. I was at about a 2 on the “pain and numbness scale.” I saw dramatic improvements after just 3 short sessions. I’m not 100% back to normal and still have the occasional “bad day,” but I feel so much better than I did just a month ago. I can’t believe how effective A.R.T. is. It’s pretty remarkable.

Since I work so intensively behind a computer, Dr. Bierbrauer suggested I continue to do the stretches he gave me (which I admit I haven’t been doing), avoid marathon sessions behind the computer, and come in about once a month for a simple adjustment. If I do these things, I can prevent flare ups like I experienced.

I am just so impressed with the treatment I got and the fact that I went from being in total pain and discomfort to being able to work (and sleep) again that I felt compelled to write a review. Chris isn’t paying me for this review and I’m not getting any kind of compensation for it either. I just wanted to express my gratitude to him by writing a public review of his business so that others looking for back pain relief might give him a shot as well. You won’t regret it!