This Business Owner Does Video Marketing Just Right

Carmen Rane HudsonGeneral Online Marketing

In a previous post I mentioned that video content is one method that you can use to save yourself some writing when you’re trying to market your products or services online.

Today I’m going to talk to you about a business owner who did his video marketing so well that he sold me on his product on the spot with no other encouragement. He did it all with the help of a very unassuming video that took less than 10 minutes.

Then, I’m going to talk to you about how you might duplicate his success. The business owner in question is Dale Coyner of Open Road Outfitters.

Dale sells motorcycle trailers that can also be used as car campers, and he’s got a lot of great video content on his site. It was one video in particular, however, that captured my attention.

What He Does

Coyner follows a specific format for his videos that he has followed on every video he’s made on his camper models. It’s a formula that works.

The first minute of his video gives you a little overview of the camper’s features. It gives you an interior and an exterior view, and then it gives you a very, very brief overview of some of the available accessories.

The next eight minutes of the video concentrate on showing you exactly how to set up and take down the camper. Throughout the video Dale keeps it friendly and real.

The video is professional enough that it’s not painful to watch but is not so polished that he appears fake or insincere. I get the sense that I am getting to meet Dale himself, and he presents himself in a way that instantly helps me like him and trust him.

Why It Works

The video works for several reasons. First, it answers almost all of the questions someone might have about this particular brand of camper.

The set-up and take-down is exceptionally useful information. He is basically giving you an easy instruction manual before you buy the product.

If you are intimidated about the prospect of setting up such a camper–as I was–he removes all sense of intimidation for you. For first time buyers this is invaluable.

Veteran camper buyers who have struggled with more difficult camper set-ups will enjoy the information as well.

He makes a strong case for his product and demonstrates its quality and fun without ever “selling” it. He just tells you all about it in a very matter-of-fact way.

Adapting Dale’s Method to Your Business

You do something like this when you produce video for your own business, even if you don’t have something that your customer would need to set up and take down.

If you’re a plumber trying to sell tankless water heater installation, for example, you could spend 30 to 60 seconds of each video explaining the benefits of the tankless water heater. Then you could follow it up with some useful information.

You might, in fact, be able to do multiple videos this way. For example:

“How a Tankless Water Heater Works.”
“How to Adjust a Tankless Water Heater.”
“Troubleshooting a Tankless Water Heater.”
“What a Tankless Water Heater Install Looks Like.”

Remember, there are just a few keys to duplicating Dale’s success. Give a small overview of the product or service. Then, walk the customer through easy, step-by-step information that takes the fear out of the purchase. Finally, keep it professional while keeping it real.