2 Super Simple Ways To Generate Awesome Content With Your Smartphone

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Holding Tablet PC

Holding Tablet PCHere are a couple of simple things that you can do to market your business online using just your smartphone. You can do these for your website or Facebook page. Are you ready for the “big reveal?”…

1. Pictures
2. Videos

People are, in general, visually oriented. Take a look this electrician’s Facebook page.

The House Doctor’s Electrical Division page is relatively new but it already has over 70 likes at the time of this post.

What’s interesting about their page is that the House Doctor’s Electrical Division is not posting walls of “useful and informative” text. Instead, they’re basically just posting up a ton of pictures – a strategy that isn’t costing them much in terms of either time or money.

If you’re a contractor this means you don’t have to rack your brains coming up with tips, tricks, and new articles to post on your website or Facebook page. You could, instead, just take some great pictures of your projects.

Try taking “before” pictures, “after pictures,” and “work in progress” pictures. A picture of the happy homeowner doesn’t hurt either!

These photos aren’t just great for Facebook. They’re fantastic for your blog, too. You can spend a bit more time on your blog actually explaining your project.

The video could work exactly the same way. Shoot a video of the homeowner’s house. Then explain what you’re going to be doing. Periodically take video of the work in progress, of your team creating the new improvement to the home. Then shoot some video of the finished product.

If you did 2 videos like this every month you’d have 24 powerful salesmen working on your behalf. These videos won’t just be great for your blog and your Facebook. They’ll let you start your own YouTube channel too, giving you a new way to build web presence.

Videos and pictures allow you to reach out to people who do not like to read mountains of text. In fact, some people don’t really like to read anything at all. They want to see it.

If you’re struggling to come up with content – don’t! Just get that smartphone out and start taking pictures and videos and you’ll have a never-ending supply of high quality content for your website and Facebook page.