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local seo blog stinks

local seo blog stinksWhat can I say? I call it like it is. What do you expect for a blog that is brand new? It’s been so long since I’ve “blogged” that I forgot how awkward it feels to publish that first post on a brand new blog.

And because this blog is new, I doubt anyone is even reading this so it makes it even more awkward. I feel like I’m talking to a wall – worse actually because I can at least put a mirror on the wall and have an audience:)

O.K., enough about my drama. Here’s the deal. This site is under construction – and likely will be for a while. Fortunately, I’m swamped with client projects but as a result, I’m struggling to find time to get around to my own site. For you landscapers out there you know what it’s like. Your customers have the best lawns in the neighborhood but your own lawn looks like crap.

Sticking with the landscaping analogy, I apologize to my neighbors for having such a crappy looking lawn. I promise I’ll get my act together soon! Please be patient and bear with me. In the mean time, feel free to help a neighbor out. Pull some weeds. Water the lawn. Maybe even mow a little.

What I’m trying to say is if you’re a local SEO consultant or a small business owner with some great compelling content to share with my massive audience…lol…send it to me and I’ll post it. Otherwise, I’ll try to get around to this blogging thing in short order.

Wishing Your Business Success,

Travis Van Slooten