Blog Round up for Week of 8/5/2013

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This week I had a little bit of trouble finding stuff to include in the round-up. It wasn’t that there weren’t a lot of great posts out there. But I did not deem many of them as interesting to my core readers here as usual. Many were interesting to me, but not necessarily to you. And since I don’t believe … Read More

Don’t Forget to Track and Save Your Reviews

Carmen Rane HudsonSmall Business SEO

There’s a big problem with Google reviews. They disappear. Sometimes, they disappear even if you’re doing everything right. And sometimes Google does strange things with them, like the review pop-up thing that they seem to be experimenting with right now. But reviews are an asset. That means you need to have some system in place that allows you to hang … Read More

One Veterinarian’s Approach to Successful Email Marketing

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On the Internet, a lot of the advice about email marketing is aimed at people who are engaged in e-commerce. A high percentage of those people are selling digital products that can be sold to anyone in the world. And a large percentage of those digital products revolve around Internet marketing. That means a lot of the strategies that are … Read More

Blog Round-Up for the Week of July 29, 2013

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This week I’ve got 8 posts to share with you, and they sort of cover a broad range of topics. I’m not really presenting them in any particular order other than “the order they’re on in my notebook!” So please don’t read anything into that. 1. 4 Reasons Why You Might Not Need a Content Marketing Plan A nice post … Read More

How Location Specific Pages Can Help Your Business

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I was catching up with my reading over at Search Engine Journal and I came across this post: Post Penguin 2.0 Local SEO Strategies for Small Business. A lot of people groan at every Google update. Many believe that each update makes it harder for the little guy to get found. This may be true…for internet-only businesses and blogs. But … Read More