Beat Your Competition By Regularly Publishing Quality Content

Travis Van SlootenSmall Business Websites & Blogs

A “dynamic” website consists of regularly updated content. This is usually done by adding a blog to your website, or moving your site to a dynamic platform like WordPress. Google values dynamic websites more highly than static (rarely changing) websites. A website with fresh content is naturally more relevant and up to date, so Google rewards these sites with higher … Read More

Website Search Engine Optimization Tips For Small Business

Travis Van SlootenSmall Business SEO

Website search engine optimization addresses one of the two components of SEO – that being on-page SEO. The other component of search engine optimization is off-page SEO. On-page SEO pertains to your website. It consists of those things you have 100% control over. Off-page SEO pertains to those things you do outside of your website. These are things you don’t … Read More

How To Do Keyword Research For Your Small Business Website

Travis Van SlootenSmall Business SEO

When you’re trying to figure out how to do keyword research for your small business website, the basis of your research will always be this: “What keywords do my customers search for when they are looking for my products and services?” The search terms you come up with will become the keywords you want your website to target. To get … Read More