Add Your Business to Google Places and Google Maps in 9 Easy Steps

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Many business owners want to know how to add business to Google Places and Google Maps. They understand the importance of creating a search engine optimized business listing that gets their business ranked on the first search result page. However, these business owners do not know where to start when it comes to adding their business to the most popular … Read More

10 Ways on How to Improve Google Places Ranking

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A high Google Places ranking should be your small business’ first priority when it comes to maximizing the power of your local search engine strategy. The expansion of local listings across such platforms as Google Places, Bing, Yahoo!, and social media websites has made it imperative that your business establish a high ranking in local searches. However, Google Places dominates … Read More

Keyword Match Types When Doing Keyword Research for SEO

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Keyword research is the first and most critical step in the entire SEO process. One tool that we use when working with clients to determine which keywords to rank their web pages for is the Google Keyword Tool. This is a SEO industry-standard tool and the best part is, it’s free for anyone to use! By default, the Google Keyword … Read More

The 5 Basics to Boosting Your Google Places Page in the Rankings

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Do you see that dusty collection of phone books in the corner of your basement? That has become the fate of the Yellow Pages. We no longer refer to the Yellow Pages for local businesses searches. Instead, we use our mobile phones to search for local businesses that deliver pizza, provide emergency roadside services, and repair heating systems. ComScore recently … Read More

4 Easy to Follow Google Places SEO Tips

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Google Places SEO is an ever-changing marketing strategy that will attract new customers to your business. At first, a small business simply claimed and verified a listing on Google Places. In less than two years since the inception of Google Places, the primary goal of a business listing has changed to ranking high in the local search results. The change … Read More