How to Accept Guest Blog Posts Without Getting Screwed

Carmen Rane HudsonGeneral Online Marketing


Yesterday, I talked about how you could continue to submit guest blog posts without shooting yourself in the foot. But if you also accept guest posts there are other things you need to think about. Why? Because if you accept the wrong guest posts your site could be just as penalized as if you’d submitted lots of terrible guest posts. … Read More

How Safe is Your Guest Blogging Strategy?

Carmen Rane HudsonGeneral Online Marketing


I’ve been hearing more and more buzz around the fact that Google will be targeting guest posts on their next algorithm update. So how safe are your guest posts, and thus your website, from Google’s newest push? For example, hisWebMarketing recently suggested adding the “no-follow” attribute to links in author bios. If you don’t know already, a “do follow” link … Read More

6 Things You Should Do When Business is Slow

Carmen Rane HudsonGeneral Online Marketing


What do you do when business is slow? Do you stare at the phone, wondering why it isn’t ringing today? Do you call it an in-office vacation day and stare out the window? Or do you start to feel anxious and stressed out as you think about the dip in your revenue? You could be using the time far more … Read More