Don’t Forget to Track and Save Your Reviews

Carmen Rane HudsonSmall Business SEO

There’s a big problem with Google reviews. They disappear. Sometimes, they disappear even if you’re doing everything right. And sometimes Google does strange things with them, like the review pop-up thing that they seem to be experimenting with right now. But reviews are an asset. That means you need to have some system in place that allows you to hang … Read More

How Location Specific Pages Can Help Your Business

Carmen Rane HudsonSmall Business SEO


I was catching up with my reading over at Search Engine Journal and I came across this post: Post Penguin 2.0 Local SEO Strategies for Small Business. A lot of people groan at every Google update. Many believe that each update makes it harder for the little guy to get found. This may be true…for internet-only businesses and blogs. But … Read More

5 Local SEO Blog Posts Worth Reading This Week

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If you didn’t catch these great local SEO blog posts last week you might want to dig into them this week. Each of these posts has a wealth of excellent information for a small business owner who wants to be more visible online. The first was Google Authorship for Your Plumbing or HVAC Business by Plumber SEO. While this wasn’t … Read More

How Small Business Owners Can Benefit from Google Plus Authorship

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If you don’t know about Google Plus Authorship yet then you really need to! According to Search Engine Land, Eric Schmidt of Google has released a statement declaring that authorship could become the most important factor for ranking. Not keywords. Not social signals. Not backlinks. But whether or not Google knows and trusts the author of the content. Obviously this … Read More