How to Respond to Bad Reviews

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Bad reviews can fee like a crushing blow. It’s easy to feel defensive, panicked, and angry when you get one. Breathe. I’m going to teach you how to respond to bad reviews in a way that lets you come out of the situation smelling like roses. Note that nearly every review site lets you do two important things. First, they … Read More

3 Free Lead Generation Strategies for Small Businesses

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Every business struggles to generate enough leads. And many businesses are operating on a tight budget, which means plenty of people are hoping to find free lead generation methods which can help them get more customers. Fortunately, free lead generation is pretty easy if you’re already devoted to good internet marketing. Note that internet marketing itself isn’t free, but once … Read More

Is the Internet a Free Advertising Method?

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One of the reasons that small business owners are drawn to internet marketing is a perception that internet marketing offers one of the last free advertising methods. Certainly, internet marketing is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods, but it might be a good idea to rethink whether or not it’s actually “free.” After all, because you are in business … Read More

The Fastest Way to Supercharge Local Small Business Marketing

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Many of our customers ask us how they can make their local small business marketing start working a lot faster. It’s natural that you’d want results yesterday, since you need new customers to keep your business going. Hearing us tell you that “SEO is a slow, steady process” is probably not something you enjoy hearing. It’s true, but there are … Read More