Publisher or Authorship: Which Should A Small Business Website Use?

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Last week I talked about Google Authorship. In that post, I promised I’d talk about publisher this week. Since they’re so similar, I’ve decided to devote most of this post to evaluating the benefits of using one or the other for your small business website. What’s the difference between the two? Google Publisher just attributes the work to the entire … Read More

The 19 Things Customers Want from Contractor Websites

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There aren’t actually a lot of contractor websites out there. Over half of normal businesses don’t have websites, and in the contractor arena I’d estimate that the numbers are a lot higher. I believe only about 25% of contractors have websites, just based on some searches that I’ve done. Later I’ll run a more precise case study, but for now … Read More

Are Web Maintenance Services Worth the Money?

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Web maintenance services are great for small business owners who miss the “fix it and forget it” nature of old school marketing and advertising methods. Depending upon the service package you get, you could literally have your entire web presence taken care of for less than you’d have spent to purchase less-effective advertising. Here are three ways that getting this … Read More