4 Reasons why Google Plus is a Winner for Small Business

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Last week I talked about all of the reasons why I do not believe Facebook is a good bet for most small business owners. Today I want to direct your attention to Google+, which is a good bet for your business. After all, I wouldn’t tell you to add yet another social network to your already full-to-bursting schedule if I … Read More

Pinterest Marketing for Contractors

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If your business produces something that is both tangible and beautiful then Pinterest can be an excellent social media marketing outlet for you. While I’d never suggest Pinterest to a plumber, I would suggest it to: Painters Landscapers Fence contractors Remodeling pros Flooring pros Window contractors Each of these business types regularly produces the things that people on Pinterest love … Read More

Is Twitter Right for Your Local Business?

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Recently I came across a post by Firegang Marketing called Why a Local Business Should Not Use Twitter. This was not a post I could agree with! First, I’ll show you the video. Now let’s discuss what Jacob had to say. First of all, yes, absolutely yes, spend the majority of your time improving your own website. You should be … Read More

11 Reasons Why a Small Business Owner Should Avoid Facebook

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As you know, I’m a big fan of social media for small business. However, I’m coming to the conclusion that Facebook is probably one of the worst social networks for small business owners to focus on. Others may disagree, but I’m going to back all of this up with some solid reasoning. I’ve also got some experience comparing client performance … Read More

7 Strategies for Getting More Twitter Followers

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In my last post I talked about who you should follow on Twitter. Today I’m going to talk about some strategies for getting more Twitter followers. There are basically two phases to building a follower profile on Twitter. In Phase I, you’re following people hoping that they will follow you back. In Phase I, you’re following more people than are … Read More