The Four Best People to Follow on Twitter for Small Business Owners

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Much of your success on Twitter will depend upon who you choose to form relationships with and how you go about forging those relationships. Much of this revolves around figuring out the best people to follow on Twitter – or rather, the best kinds of people to follow on Twitter. In the early days of your Twitter marketing campaign, following … Read More

Successful Online Business Networking for Contractors

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contractor marketing

Most contractors get a lot of business from a surprising source: by networking with other contractors. The process works something like this. If someone needs gutter work done then they probably also need work done on the roof, foundation, or siding. So the gutter guy passes on the name of the siding guy. And while the siding guy is out … Read More

A Three Tweet Method to Promote Your Blog Posts

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In a previous post I talked about coming up with Twitter content using plumbers as an example. Today, I’m going to offer you a strategy for getting your individual posts more attention. Let’s say you do a single post on Twitter that sends people to your blog posts. Let’s also say that you have 500 Twitter followers. It would be … Read More

How to Handle an Entire Month of Social Media in an Hour or Two

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If I were going to name any hurdle that a business owner faces when it comes to building an effective social media presence it would have to be time. There are plenty of other pressing problems that come up during a day, including the need to serve your customers. That’s why I absolutely love HootSuite, and I think you’ll love … Read More

3 Ways to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by social media? There are certainly a lot of social media services out there and each one of them requires a slightly different strategy. If you’re not careful, social media can take over, leaving you far less time to actually see to the needs of your business. Usually, small business owners throw up their hands and … Read More