Are You Doing Your Own PPC?

Whether you’re managing your own PPC or have someone else managing it, let me take a look at your PPC and show you how you’re doing!

When I’m done with your evaluation you’ll get 20 minutes of video from me, delivered in 4 five-minute videos. There won’t be anything for you to download either. I’ll send you links to your videos and all you’ll have to do is click on them to watch.

Watching these videos will be like me sitting at your computer with you watching over my shoulder as I literally show you what I see. I’ll show you what you’re doing right and where you can make improvements. My evaluations typically uncover areas of improvement that will save you hundreds of dollars every month and improve your bottom line!

I will cover the following areas in my videos:

  • What improvements can be made to your campaign settings so you’re not throwing money away.
  • How to better organize your ad groups for improved conversions and decreased costs per click.
  • Are you bidding on the best keywords and are you using the best match types so you’re not wasting money?
  • What improvements can be made to your ads so you can get more clicks to your website!

There is no obligation or strings attached to these free evaluations. These evaluations simply give me an opportunity to learn more about your business and demonstrate my expertise. If you choose to hire someone to help you with your PPC, I hope you choose me but if you don’t, no biggie. Either way you’ll get some great insights on your PPC!

Fill out the form above or call me at (612) 605-5618 to request your evaluation today!

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