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8 Google URLs Every Local SEO Should Know
URLs Joy provides in this article include:

  1. How to get to the MapMaker profile attached to a G+ page
  2. How to get to the Google Maps view
  3. How to view a cached version of Google+ pages
  4. How to see if Google has filtered your site
  5. How to troubleshoot a business that is located in a different country than you
  6. How to know the rankings of just local listings (omitting organic)
  7. How to get rid of personalized search
  8. How to get straight to the Google phone support page

Google My Business Help Pages

Someone else verified my business on Google My Business:

How to Find the URL to a Google My Business Page
If it’s an owner verified page you can find it by searching Google like this: “[business name]”
or “[business phone number]”

***If the page isn’t verified this search trick won’t work.***