The quickest way to generate sales and leads online is to do pay-per-click (PPC). Unlike SEO which can take months to see results, when you do PPC you can be #1 on page one of Google immediately for any keyword you want! PPC is also easier to track your results and usually provides a better return on your investment than SEO.

When I decided to hire a consultant to help me with my local seo, I researched various different companies. And as you know, I decided to give you a try. It turns out, that this was one of the best moves I’ve ever made for my website performance.
You’ve exceeded every single one of my expectations, and I can’t believe how well my website is performing. Your optimization tips and techniques are truly 2nd to none. The only thing that is more impressive than my website performance is your level of customer service. You always make me feel like I am the most important customer you’ve ever had and you took the time to learn about my industry to help me optimize my site and PPC campaign.

Your fee for managing my PPC campaign is offset 10 times over by the money you have saved me by helping dialing in my PPC to focus on relevant keywords and exclude the negative ones. So not only has my PPC performance improved dramatically, but my organic rankings have gone through the roof also! Truly amazing.

Please feel free to use me as a reference if someone wants to talk to a real live past (and current customer.) Your performance and customer service skills are the best I’ve ever seen in this industry.

Thanks again for everything!


Tony Caciolo

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