Are you looking for a professional-looking website that also ranks well in Google? I can help with that!

I work almost exclusively with WordPress so about 95% of the websites my team and I design and build for my small business clients are on WordPress. Why WordPress?

It’s one of the most popular website platforms used today. In fact, roughly 34% of the websites online today are powered by WordPress. It’s a popular platform because there are thousands of templates (called themes in WordPress) to choose from, or you can custom design a website any way you want. The design opportunities are endless.

The other reason it’s popular is because it’s a content management system, or CMS. This type of system allows you to manage your website from any device with an Internet connection. Need to make some wording changes on your website or add pictures? No problem. Just log into your website online and make the change. You don’t need any special tools or technical knowledge at all.

While I’m a huge fan of WordPress, it’s not always the right solution. Sometimes a website built using GoDaddy’s Website Builder or a Wix website is a better fit. It all depends on my client’s current website situation, their goals, and their budget.

When a small business owner comes to me looking for a new website the first questions I ask are:

1. What is your current website situation? Can we work with it “as is” or do we need to start over? Are you on a platform you’re happy with?

2. What are your goals with your website? Do you need something simple to send customers to, or do you want it to rank well and be a primary driver of traffic to your business?

3. What is your budget?

The answers to these questions will help me find the best website solution for my client.

Here is an overview of the types of small business websites I provide.

WordPress Websites
Most of the WordPress sites we build and design for my clients are custom-designed websites. We start with a blank slate and design from there. What you want is what you get! There are no design limitations.

These types of websites start at $1,500 with most sites coming in around $2,500. The cost ultimately depends on the complexity of the website. You’ll also need web hosting so that’s usually another $5 – $20/month for web hosting.

If my client doesn’t have the budget for a custom-designed website then we look for a premium WordPress theme (i.e. template) and make customizations. We’ll make color changes, move some elements around, add a logo, etc. These types of websites are usually between $500-$750 plus $5 – $20/month for web hosting.

GoDaddy/Wix Websites
Rarely are these types of websites a good fit for my clients given their goals, but every now and then they can be good options for my clients. These types of websites are usually between $500-$750 plus the monthly fee you have to pay GoDaddy or Wix for their website services, which is between $5 – $20/month.

If you’re not sure what solution is best for you, fill out the form on this page or give me a call and we’ll talk it over to see what makes sense. And no, I don’t charge for this initial website consultation – and no I don’t hound you afterwards or pressure you into anything:)

I have been through many different web developers who would never deliver. Travis, you are amazing! You are so easy to work with and everything gets done in a timely matter, and done right. You took a lot of stress out of dealing with all the internet and website stuff that as a small business owner, I don’t have time to do nor want to do. I thank God that my husband referred me to you. Thank you and I appreciate you!


Kellie Lee

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