Does SEO Matter to Small Business Owners?

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Search Engine Land recently ran an article called Confessions of an $100/month SEO Client. It was an interview with a small business owner who had invested very little into his internet marketing profile. I spend a lot of time talking about building your web presence and making use of SEO. But as a business owner it’s certainly worth asking the … Read More

How to Develop Content Customers Care About

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By now, it’s pretty clear that knowing how to develop content is pretty vital for just about any business. But how can a small business owner develop content that really matters to customers? After all, there isn’t a lot of profit in taking shots in the dark. You really need a way to tap into that “wow” factor. Fortunately, there … Read More

How to Grow a Small Business

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As I look around online I find a lot of questions about how to grow a small business. Some of those questions come from people whose businesses have stalled, and some come from new business owners. I’ve also seen the questions coming from people who are feeling squeezed by competitors and who really want a way to increase their market … Read More

Home Improvement Marketing that Prevents You from Losing Bids to Lowballers

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If you’re in the home improvement business then you’ve felt the pain of losing a bid to a low-quality competitor whose only asset was their willingness to provide rock bottom prices. Fortunately, home improvement marketing can be planned in a way that allows you to maintain the integrity of your prices while still continuing to win business for your company. … Read More