How a Simple Email Can Get You More Customer Reviews Online

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Customer reviews are extremely important. Not only can they help increase your Google+ Local rankings, but they also provide social proof for your business that helps you make more sales. But getting reviews isn’t always easy. You can’t get too aggressive in getting them so offering incentives isn’t going to work – not if you want to stay within Google’s … Read More

2 Super Simple Ways To Generate Awesome Content With Your Smartphone

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Holding Tablet PC

Here are a couple of simple things that you can do to market your business online using just your smartphone. You can do these for your website or Facebook page. Are you ready for the “big reveal?”… 1. Pictures 2. Videos People are, in general, visually oriented. Take a look this electrician’s Facebook page. The House Doctor’s Electrical Division page … Read More

How To Get Backlinks for More Traffic & More Customers!

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Before we even address how to get backlinks, we first need to define what backlinks are and why they are so important for your website’s rankings. Backlinks are the number one most important factor when you want your website to get to the top of Google searches. In the simplest terms, backlinks are links on the Internet that point back … Read More

Will Google Places (the Brand) Ever Die?

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When Google decided to bring Google Places into the Google+ fold and effectively do away with Google Places, my first reaction was, “here we go again…yet another branding change with Google.” It seems Google is never happy with their branding decisions and as a result is always changing things around. First it was the Local Business Center then Google Places … Read More